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New Technologies - 6G / 5G

The emergence of a new generation of technologies is fueling the industries invested in R&D. The 6G wireless communications, 5G advanced networks, autonomous vehicles and virtual reality are the most important technological advances we have seen to date.

5g technology is the next generation of wireless data networks. It's a critical technology for delivering new wireless services and capabilities to customers, including ultra-high speed mobile broadband connectivity and the ability to connect billions more devices globally.

Technical Articles

5G NR (New Radio)

5G Reference Network Architecture

5G SBA (Service-Based Architecture)

5G NR Deployment Scenarios

Hybrid core network - 4G to 5G Core Interconnection

RLC (Radio Link Control) in 5G

5G KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

5G Core network (5G-CN)

5G frequency bands

5G Network Planning

5G Technology

VoNR (Voice over New Radio)

5G Network Optimization

3GPP NR Specifications

5G QoS Parameters

5G Applications

5G Multiple Access Techniques

Comparison of 5G and 4G technology

5G Identifiers


Smart Antennas and Beamforming

5G NR Signaling Radio Bearers

LI (Lawful Intercept) in 5G

5G NR Measurement Reports

mSAP : 5G Smartphone PCB technology

5G NR ARFCN (Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number)

Control and User plane separation for NG-EPC (Next Generation Evolved Packet Core)

5G NR- Initial Access/ RACH

Optical Fiber Link

5G NR CORESET: Control resource set

5G NR MIB (Master Information Block)

5G Network Abbreviation and Terminologies

5G Automotive Association - 5G AA

MAC layer in 5G

5G NR BFR - Beam Failure Recovery

5G NR SA Registration/Attach Call Flow

5G NAS Mobility Management - 5GMM

VoNR Call Flow

5G NR Dual Active Protocol Stack (DAPS) Handover

5G NR Base Station types

5G Cell phones

5G NR Channel Codes

5G NR Grant free dynamic Scheduling

5G NR Spectral Efficiency

Open Midhaul F1 interface: F1-C and F 1-U

NGAP- Next-Generation Application Protocol over N2 Interface

5G MR Measurement Events

5G NR SRS (Sounding Reference Signals)

5G NR gNB Higher Layer Split (HLS)

5G NR SSB Positioning - Time & Frequency Resources

5G NR SCG Failure and Radio Link Failure

5G NR Network Relationship - Neighbor Planning

Open RAN and 5G

V2X Communication Towards 5G

Carrier Aggregation and its Challenges in 5G NR

Open RAN Certification

Sounding Reference Signal 5G (New Radio)

Satellite Communication Certification

GPON Certification

IPTV Certification

Distributed Antenna System Certification

LTE Certification

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) Certification

RAN Certification

5G Certification

GSM Certification

VoLTE Certification

DMR Radio Training

SA Call Flow

5G Attach Call Flow

5G Optimization Training

FTTX Course

Smart City Certification

5G measurement Events

DAS training

5G Spectral Efficiency

LTE Call Flows

5G Call Flows

5G Protocol Stack development training

SDN training and Certification

Edge Computing certification

5G Certifications

5G Core training

5G NR Initial Access procedure

5G SA (StandAlone) call flow

LTE fundamentals

6G Training

RAN Engineer Certification

LTE Drive test Parameters

Mobility Registration Update 5G

Measurement Events in 5G

3G Fundamentals

Wireshark LTE

5G Handover Events

TETRA Frame Structure

Element Management System

3GPP Training Certification

MIB (Master Information Block) in 5G

CyberSecurity Training & Certification

5G testing training & certification

Spectral Efficiency Calculator

VoLTE Call Flow

What is Mininet


B1 Measurement in NR

5G Courses in India

OSS & BSS training course

Dynamic grant

Contention Resolution in 5G

LTE Advanced Pro

Telecom training

Edge Computing training & certification

Telecom Courses List

4G LTE Drive test

5G Deployment training & certification

OTN (Optical Transport network)

RF Basics

Drive test parameters

Microwave Certification

Cisco Packet tracing training

Circuit Switched Fall back

Fixed Radio Links

Narrowband IoT training & certification


FTTH certification

VNF Forwarding graph

Smart City Certification

A1 measurement in 5G

5G technology Enablers

6G Technology and the latest research, concept, and prototypes

Terahertz (THz) communication - The most promising concepts for 6G networks

AI-Enabled Networks in 6G

Beyond Mobile for 6G - A seamless and flexible communication

Spatial computing in 6G Networks

Energy efficiency - A critical aspect of 6G communication networks

Heterogeneous Networking in 6G - Delivering enhanced user experiences and improving network performance

Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) in 6G - Seamless and ubiquitous coverage

5G Packet Core and its functional entities

Advanced Channel Coding in 5G and 6G

Multiple Access Techniques

Massive MIMO - Benefits and Challenges

Network densification - Benefits, Challenges and Techniques

UAV-Enabled Cellular Networks

NG-RAN Architecture

NR (New Radio) physical layer

Channel Coding in NR

5G NR Cell Search and Random Access

Bandwidth Parts in 5G New Radio

Support of Ultra-reliable and Low-Latency Communications (URLLC) in NR

5G New Radio in Unlicensed Spectrum

5G NR Positioning

NR Integrated Access and Backhaul

Sky High 5G: New Radio for Air-to-Ground Communications

5G New Radio Evolution Meets Satellite Communications: Opportunities, Challenges, and Solution

Evolution of mobile communication systems - Technical Advancements, Opportunities and Challenges

5G Technical Requirements

6G Enabling Technologies

Best 5G Training USA

5G Training USA Free

5G Certification Exam

5G Training Courses

Best 5G Certification

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5G Certification Ericsson

Nokia 5G Training and Certification

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CISCO 5G Training and Certification

5G Technology Advantages and Disadvantages

What is the future of 5G technology

What is 5G technology and how it works

Who invented 5G

5g Technology in India

5G Technology essay

5G technology UPSC

What does 5G in 5G technology stand for

5G Training Material

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6G Online Training Free

5G Training Videos

5G Network Architecture

Difference between 4G and 5G network architecture

Steps involved in the 5G call flow

5G call flow Wireshark

5G Training and Certification Articles

The Importance of 5G Training in Today's Tech Landscape

How to Choose the Right 5G Training Program for Your Career

Mastering the Basics: A Beginner's Guide to 5G Training

Advanced 5G Training: Taking Your Skills to the Next Level