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4G LTE DT Introduction 

The 4G LTE Drive Test is a mobile test, which allows users to perform a test that simulates live mobile internet conditions. By using an actual device and real software, the user can test the speed of the current network provider in a way that’s as close to reality as possible. With 4G LTE Drive Test, you can test the quality of your LTE connection while driving. See how fast you are uploading and downloading data speeds during your commute, how often your speeds drop, and more. Drive tests measure service performance while driving a vehicle in a defined area. The Drive test measures downstream and upstream speed, packet loss, and latency on 4G LTE networks. The test results are compared with the promised performance specified in the carrier's contracts with you. The 4G LTE Drive test uses two consumer smartphones to measure how fast data travels between them. The driving test is able to simulate a potential user's daily usage. The 4G LTE Drive test card comes packaged with two smartphone simulators, one in each vehicle. 

The 4G LTE Drive Test helps determine whether your vehicle can receive the strengths of all available voice, data, and video transmissions. The test is specific to both the vehicle make and model as well as local area network (LTE) signal strength. The 4G LTE Drive Test is a test that measures your location and internet speed. Using the My Verizon app, you can monitor the strength of your network and view up-to-date information about the speed of your device. 4G LTE Drive test is a tool to assess your device's data rate capabilities, in a real-world environment. When you are testing with this app, your phone will send a single packet of data (such as a simple text message) that the app intercepts and decodes. The performance of your device can be determined from its packet error rate, which shows how often bits fail to arrive correctly after being transmitted. This can be expressed as in percentage (or parts per million) which gives you an idea about your current connection capability. The 4G LTE Drive test is a drive-test report that gives you a snapshot of your mobile network performance while driving. The results are based on thousands of actual devices using the network. 4G LTE Drive Test is a special tool to test the performance of 4G LTE. 

It can help you to measure the speed of your wireless mobile connection, compare the quality and network coverage of different operators along road segments, plan travel routes in advance, and check how good are 4G services in other cities and countries. The 4G LTE Drive Test is a simple, fast, and cost-effective way for businesses to evaluate the performance of their 4G LTE network. The device can be used to measure and verify whether a cellular network is meeting its performance requirements by measuring the actual throughput and latency performance of the network in the field. A 4G LTE Drive Test is the first step in confirming that your network is ready before you deploy a new LTE network. Our LTE Drive Test uses portable LTE equipment to tune and optimizes your FDD or TDD LTE network for peak performance. 

The 4G LTE Drive Test is a free mobile app that lets you check your mobile connection speed and quality. It also helps you monitor and troubleshoot your internet connectivity as well as optimize your Wi-Fi signal for best performance. The 4G LTE Drive test is an easy way to test the performance of your device’s cellular and Wi-Fi connections. You can use this test to help determine if there are any issues with your phone’s connectivity, or if you don’t have access to the 4G LTE service that you were expecting. The 4G LTE Drive test is designed to measure a device's maximum upload and download throughput while connected to an LTE network. The test determines the maximum speed of data transfer on LTE networks in megabits per second (Mbps). 

4G LTE Drive Test training and certification by TELCOMA Global

TELCOMA Global offers 4G LTE Drive Test Training and certification program. This course will provide you with the technical skills to test 4G LTE customer premises equipment in a variety of environments. This class is also valuable as an introduction to new technologies such as NB-IoT, MEC, LAA. This certification is awarded by TELCOMA Global.

The 4G LTE Drive Test course will help you develop the skills needed to accurately test Service Providers’ 4G LTE networks. After this course, you will be comfortable operating Drive Test equipment and knowledgeable about general test methods, how to measure spectral efficiency and how to interpret performance characteristics of a broadband network such as throughput and latency.

This course is designed to help test drive technicians understand the technology and perform drive tests using advanced cellular technologies and wireless networks.

4G LTE Drive Test training and certification by TELCOMA Global is a complete, 4G LTE training course that will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience to design, install, test and evaluate the performance of 4G LTE networks.

Learn the vital skills needed to deploy and operate 4G LTE wireless networks with TELCOMA Global’s completely new training program. TELCOMA has created the 4g LTE Drive Test technical certification course to bring instructors up to speed on the evolution of 4g LTE wireless networks, including the latest technology updates such as HPUE and QAM. This course is also designed for engineers who want to learn more about rollouts, deployments and testing so they can focus on tower maintenance instead of deploying infrastructure and managing network performance.

TELCOMA Global offers 4G LTE Drive Test Training and Certification Program to help you to become a proficient drive test technician in the telecommunication industry.

4G LTE Drive Test Training is designed for you, the mobile network operator. We want you to be the best and we can help you learn from our experience! Our certification will allow you to carry out tests on 4G LTE networks, using your own equipment and our help.

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