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Introduction to Open RAN

Open RAN is an open source RAN framework developed by Google, Intel and Sprint focused on providing ultra-small cell base stations. Open RAN allows operators to increase performance and reliability while reducing the complexity of deployment. Open RAN is a standardized methodology for managing and optimizing the radio access network functions, thereby reducing costs and enhancing flexibility. The intent of this approach is to enable converged network solutions through an open ecosystem. Open RAN is applicable across all radio access technologies such as LTE/EPC, WiMAX/EPC, CDMA2000/1xEV-DO/1xEVDO Rev B, and WCDMA/HSPA. It provides a consistent set of capabilities that enables vendors to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively across all networks. The Open RAN expertise of Ericsson enables operators to optimize their networks for 5G. Open RAN means a common framework, an open gateway to joining multiple radio access technologies. Operators can take advantage of the distributed intelligence in their network deployments and optimize them for 5G with Ericsson’s Open RAN solution. The Open RAN interface enables the deployment of SDN-enabled multi-vendor and multi-operator mobile networks. This requires the network equipment, mobile devices, and service platforms to be able to work together in a standardized way. A number of standards have been developed for this purpose, including OMA's 3GPP, WiFi Alliance's 802.11 af/ah specifications, and 3GPP LTE technical specifications. The Open RAN initiative is an open-source software program to enable telecommunications providers, programmers, and consumers to create their own virtual networks through the use of open-source wireless base station hardware. With this in place, users can run their own network without having to rely on a single company or central authority.

Open RAN Certification

Open RAN certification is a program that allows you to obtain full RAN (radio access network) operational knowledge. The Open RAN certification combines the rigorous curriculum of leading industry training and certification organizations with the flexibility to learn at your own pace in a location of your choosing. Open RAN certification helps to ensure that the network equipment being purchased is interoperable with other vendors and supports open standards. Open RAN certification is a professional-level certification in the field of open source software and mobile networks. This course focuses on the operation, planning, and maintenance of cellular networks using open-source software. It is suitable for anyone working in the technology industry. Open RAN is a certification for wireless network engineers who have the technical knowledge and skills to design and implement a mobile radio access network (RAN) based on open interfaces. Open RAN certification develops professionals who understand datacenter and cloud networking, including NFV and SDN, focusing on standards-based architecture, including ODL. 

Open RAN Certification Program

This certification program focuses on how to build and maintain an Open RAN. Access to the network resources is not limited to the device and to the radio level (RAN) but it continues at the transport plane, data plane, and management plane. All interfaces of the e NodeB support standard protocols such as PCI, Ethernet, and FCoE. Any transport layer protocol running inside or outside the RAN can be used for communication between Open RANs with standardized APIs. Open RAN certification allows manufacturers to test their devices against a specific set of requirements. It is helpful in contributing to the development and interoperability of telecom networks. Open RAN certification verifies that your network architecture and its components adhere to the Open RAN principles defined by IEEE. It is also used for various performance and scalability tests that are required by large operators. The Open RAN Certification is designed to help you gain skills in planning, designing, and implementing an open RAN architecture. It’s also for professionals who want to validate their knowledge of real-time systems so they can demonstrate their proficiency in software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). Open RAN certification is a milestone in the evolution of the mobile network. It allows one and all to contribute, test and secure open access to the radio resources in networks made up of multiple vendors‘ radios, or via software radio solutions. Open RAN certification is a program by telco trade associations to help the operators to achieve their goal of being more agile, adaptable, and able to respond quickly to consumer needs. Open RAN enables an Operator to have a clear route to implement network functions such as path computation and mobility management with open source tools. The Open RAN certification is a standard of excellence for the building and operation of open access networks. It can fill the gap between theoretical learning and real-world deployment, creating a full picture of an organization’s skills and experience in open access technology. The Open RAN certification program is a professional development program for network engineers, designers, and site technicians. Through this program, participants learn about the benefits of open systems architecture and gain practical experience managing an open RAN in their organization. In addition to understanding how to install, configure, troubleshoot, and monitor an open RAN, candidates will gain an understanding of technical principles that are common across all vendors' RAN solutions. 

Open RAN training

It provides insights into the 5G deployment model, the new technologies involved in it, and the role of network management and network slicing. It discusses the value that Open RAN will bring to the telecoms operator and to their customers through A more interactive, richer user experience and More ubiquitous connectivity. Open RAN training is a learning experience that helps network operators, service providers, and enterprises to build an open RAN strategy based on OpenDaylight and/or another open source P&Cs. It also provides an overview of the various functions enabled by SDN/NFV in a wireless network”. 

Open RAN Course

The Open RAN course is an end-to-end introduction to commercial open source technologies. This course focuses on building a network and putting it into production using software open source components. The course, Open RAN (Radio Access Networks), covers the principles of radio access networks and the functions of an RF and wireless communications system. The students will cover the fundamentals of mobile wireless networks including network architecture and standards, algorithms for improving throughput, coverage, and capacity in multi-user wireless channels, radio resource management for sustainable development, optimization techniques to maximize spectral efficiency, and many more.

Website link for Open RAN training:

Open RAN Training and Certification | TELCOMA Global

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