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Introduction to OSS and BSS

Description of OSS

The Operations Support System (OSS) is a software package designed for management of telecommunications infrastructure, including maintenance and operations functions. The Operations Support System is that department which is responsible for generating the reports and analysis of various departments. By analyzing the various reports generated by various departments they can take decision with the help of executive level management. Operations Support System (OSS) is an IT solution that provides business process support to the company. It has been developed in order to help companies achieve their goals and improve their productivity in a fast and efficient way. Most companies have become dependent on OSS, due to the fact that scaling up requires effortless integration of applications. 

An OSS can be defined as a collection of computers or other devices connected by a network, often secure, which are maintained by an organization or business so that its employees can use them for purposes such as processing transactions or sharing data files. An operations support system (OSS) is a software application that supports organizations in managing their operations. An OSS is an integrated software suite that manages all the functional process involved in an organization’s operations and activities, such as order processing and fulfillment, inventory management, warehouse management, materials requirements planning and similar functions. In the telecom industry, an Operations Support System (OSS) is an automated software program used to control and manage the network. OSS solutions combine the benefits of an integrated and log-based help desk solution with advanced fault management, performance management and stress testing features. With this platform you can track network performance and identify faults quickly. In the ICT industry, the Operational Support System (OSS) is a fundamental component giving vital information about the health and performance of the network infrastructure. It has helped in decreasing number of service calls and outage, caused due to network failures. 

OSS monitors the network hardware and software components, and manages data from fault detection, alarm monitoring system and billing system on daily basis which helps in improving telecom services for customers. The Operations Support System (OSS) is a comprehensive and integrated solution that enables the operator to automate most of their operations, including network planning, provisioning, fault management and service assurance. It provides a single point of contact between operators and third party vendors. The OSS will enable us to ensure better efficiency in the delivery of service quality. The OSS helps the telecom company deal with all the challenges related to networks and improves performance. In particular, when there is a need of service during normal hours or after hours. The benefit of OSS is that it reduces cost and increases quality of service for customers, employees and vendors. In telecom, the Operations Support System (OSS) is a communications software that includes voice and data processors, provisioning systems and information management services. It may also include various modes of access including wireless, dial-up, and wireless modems. It acts as an ordinary business telephone system that manages all functions, activities, and processes related to telecom operations. In network providers who have own network infrastructure OSS is also called NOC (Network Operation Center). Telecom Operations Support System (OSS) is a software solution which provides telecom service providers with a highly efficient, reliable and competitive backbone that supports a diversity of business processes. The Operations Support System (OSS) is an application delivery platform that enables telcos to deliver and manage applications like web, messaging and mobile services. The OSS automatically provisions service control functions across the network.

Description of BSS

The Business Support System in telecommunications is the component of the organization that provides a positive business environment for its customers. A BS combines information technology and management in order to ensure timely, accurate and efficient processing of data. Business Support Systems (BSS) is one of the crucial things to grow in telecom Industry. It helps us to manage customer satisfaction, and customer’s billing. Its main features are service provisioning, and account management. BSS system is developed to provide efficient customer service to customers across all channels. Account Management & Provisioning are two primary functions of BSS. BSS in telecom is a cost-effective tool that allows you to run all the advanced telecommunication services successfully, while ensuring their high availability. It enables you to dynamically monitor and manage your network, mobile subscribers, phones and business applications. BSS is short for Business Support System.

 It is an application that provides the organization customers and clients with business support services (e.g. provisioning of services, charging, billing etc.). BSS solutions are often built on top of a suite of telecom products but they require more complex network architecture than a store-and-forward system which generally acts as a simple hub over multiple switches or routers. Business Support Systems are type of computerized applications used by organizations, such as telephone carriers and cable TV operators, to track data and manage operations. They can handle a wide variety of functions, including customer billing, accounting, human resources and customer service.

OSS & BSS training course and certification by TELCOMA Global 

The TELCOMA Global training course and certification includes a comprehensive curriculum which covers the key principles and concepts of the OSS & BSS domain, in order to provide the right level of understanding and knowledge to our participants. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to obtain your professional certifications at a discounted rate by completing on-site exams with qualified TELCOMA Global trainers. It covers the OSS & BSS lifecycle, from planning, design and implementation to management. This certification is recognized by global telecommunications operators

Equipped with a powerful knowledge of OSS & BSS, you will be able to develop the best solution in your industry. Experience a new way of thinking, acting and working as we help you to establish a foundation in OSS and BSS. As you start building your career, it’s important that you develop the right knowledge, skills and networks so your career can thrive. We understand this and stand ready to provide all the support you need

Discover the world of Telecom with the TELCOMA Global course on OSS & BSS. Learn about Operational Support Systems and the different types of telecommunications networks, service providers and the role of network management in a telco. Learn how to monitor, maintain, troubleshoot and optimize your network. The OSS/BSS course is perfect for professionals who want to learn more about OSS & BSS and explore careers in telecom.

TELCOMA Global provides full end-to-end training and certification on OSS & BSS equipment, technologies and software such as Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia/NEC

This OSS & BSS course is conducted by a team of professional trainers, assisted by experts from industry. The course addresses the recent developments in OSS/BSS technologies and aims to make the students aware of these changes. The training will provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge to understand the basic principles of OSS/BSS systems, covering Telecom network theory, architecture and design.

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