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Introduction to 5G certifications 

5G brings a new set of certifications to the telecommunications industry. The 5G standard enables new services, business models, and user experiences – that are not possible on current networks. As a result, there will be increased demand for 5G professionals who can build and maintain 5G networks. There are over 200 5G certification programs, including field-testing, antenna testing, and quality control. The 5G Alliance provides more details and requirements for all these certifications, along with videos on how to apply them properly. 5G certification and qualification process are designed to provide a streamlined, efficient, and quality-focused certification process for all stakeholders. A key element of 5G certification is the validation of product specifications (e.g., performance, power consumption) against certain metrics that have been defined in the scope of each 5G certification program. 

5G Certification Program

The 5G certification program is managed by the 3GPP and aims to establish a standard for mobile networks using higher frequencies. The program is managed by UIC, InterDigital, and others, who are working with carriers to develop a complete end-to-end 5G solution. It is expected to include the standardization of the network equipment and network architecture, with almost all the major telcos in the world participating in this program. 5G covers the full set of mobile services, from enhanced mobile broadband and ultra-reliable low latency communications to massive machine-to-machine communications. 5G requires further evolution in digital transmission schemes, multi-access technologies, and new use cases. The 5G Spectrum is the next generation of bandwidth, expected to come online as early as 2020. The spectrum will enable a substantial increase in network capacity, higher speeds, and much lower latency than current 4G/LTE networks. The 5G certifications are the new set of skills necessary for people working within the field of technology. 

The 5G certification has become a hot topic within the industry and will continue to be so in the next decade. The 5G certification focuses on three main areas: - Mobile Software Development - Communication System Design - Network Architecture. 5G certifications are the culmination of years of research, engineering, and testing. They represent the collective expertise of leaders in the mobile industry from all over the world, with an emphasis on quality and innovation. These organizations have worked together to establish standards for 5G networks and coverage. A 5G certification is an independent assessment of your skills and knowledge in different areas of the 5G technologies. The certifications are developed by industry leaders to ensure the right skills, knowledge, and certifications are acquired by candidates to deliver a high-quality 5G service. The 5G certification process is focused on validating the functionalities and performance of a product under defined conditions. Well-designed and rigorously tested 5G products will be cost-efficient, provide a breadth of capabilities, have high quality and reliability, be robust against potential interference, and have good power management capability. 5G mini-module certification is a process of testing and demonstrating compliance with various 5G standard requirements, such as performance specs and functionalities. Also, there are different types of tests that can be performed depending on the type of product or application that needs to be tested. The main goal of the 5G module certification is to ensure interoperability (interworking between end systems). 5G certifications ensure that devices and applications satisfy the requirements of 5G, in terms of performance, latency, throughput, and so on. 

These requirements are defined in specifications created by international bodies such as 3GPP and 3GPP2 MPI/RAN (Multi-Protocol Interconnection Relay Access Network), eMBMS (Evolved Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service), and more. The 5G certification program is designed to encourage the development of new technologies, products, and services that meet the goal of achieving interoperability, as well as to ensure international standards for 5G equipment. 5G wireless certification is an essential step to ensure your technology solution is verified to meet the full range of requirements set forth by the official 5G standard, as well as all participating 5G operators and administrations. 5G certifications are the foundation for scaling the next generation of wireless technologies and devices. The 5G NR (New Radio), 3GPP Release 15 Standard enables operators to develop innovative services using higher frequency bands and provides capacity, enhanced coverage, and enhanced performance in addition to security features that are essential for IoT applications.

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