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Introduction to LTE Drive test

LTE drive test is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for mobile service providers to test, monitor, and troubleshoot mobile coverage and performance. The tool provides a graphical view of the individual tesla use at any time, allowing users to instantly view the current coverage and experience in real-time. This is an ideal tool for cell site planning, field technicians, and engineers who need to evaluate service coverage on site. LTE drive test is a way of testing real-time LTE performance. It tests the effects of network changes, including new equipment or new locations, by driving around the area until the test is finished. LTE Drive Test is a tool intended to measure mobile device performance on a wireless network. This tool runs in the background while you use the phone and uses the same wireless connections we use when we test our service through our lab. It tests network latency, download and upload speeds, packet loss, jitter, and packet reordering.

 It also reports device information, battery life, and memory usage. This feature allows you to set up a driving test to determine the cell signal quality around your vehicle. While in a moving vehicle, this feature records LTE signal strength and uploads it to our servers. From there, we use advanced analysis techniques to alert you when the signal drops below a threshold that you define. In this way, LTE Drive Test gives you real-time data about the carrier network near your vehicle so that you can make informed decisions about switching carriers or locations. The LTE drive test is designed to measure the performance of mobile devices in the field. This allows users to receive real-world results of network connection quality and performance. Mobile subscribers can also use this test as a reference when making comparisons between data plans, service providers, and technologies. LTE drive test is a way to measure signal quality over a user’s path in the field. This can be compared with other measurements, such as signal strength and beacon counts, to understand how signal varies geographically and whether it’s strong enough. This test can also be used to verify coverage levels in devices prior to launch. The LTE drive test is a new way of looking at your operational data, allowing you to quickly understand the status of your network.

 This tool allows you to select areas on a map and get instant insight into the quality of LTE data in these areas. The LTE Drive Test app is a tool that uses the device's GPS and data connections to send real-time speed, location, and data usage information to your account. The app measures speed while driving and helps you identify problems that may result in slow speeds. The designee will drive a vehicle while operating their mobile phone to conduct a drive test of the service. To ensure that the driving test is conducted on roads that are representative of the network, it can be helpful for the Designee to record and submit the location coordinates for each test. There should be at least 3 tests performed and a minimum of 30 minutes between each test. Data from a given test over an LTE connection may include download and upload speeds and latency measurements; MOS or PSD measurements; pings to other Internet servers; IP connection throughput measurements. A driving test is used to collect signal quality data. The drive test measures coverage, throughput, and other performance characteristics based on signal measurements collected by your phone as you navigate through different locations during the test. LTE Drive Test is a service for subscribers to perform drive tests using their smartphones. Once activated, the subscriber can connect their phones to the LTE network and collect data from several locations at once. 

LTE drive test (also known as “drive-by” testing) is a way of measuring the speed, coverage, and quality of the LTE network in various areas. The test is conducted by running an algorithm against the subscriber database that approximates their behavior over a period of time with varying degrees of mobility. The result is a comprehensive report that provides insight into what parts of your network are performing well or not so well. The LTE Drive Test requires an LTE compatible phone, tablet, or computer with the Android operating system. The Drive Test is designed to allow customer care agents to test and troubleshoot your cell connection in real time.

LTE DT Parameters 

The first LTE drive test parameters are connection, throughput, and latency. Connection parameter is a measurement of how many a user is connected to an LTE network. Throughput is the speed at which data can be received and transmitted by a user. Latency is the time delay from when you enter data to when it is received on the other end. LTE drive test is an independent measurement technology.

 The LTE drive test is performed in a vehicle equipped with an LTE antenna and electronic control unit (ECU) connected to a laptop. The purpose of the LTE drive test is to automatically measure the downlink and uplink signal quality (referred to as RSRP and RSRQ) for each base station cell on which the wireless service provider (WSP) operates. The LTE drive test is a new type of network optimization test. It measures the performance of your network at various locations in a building, such as a basement or the top floor of a tall building, allowing you to adjust the transmission power for good coverage. The LTE drive test is used to measure the uplink and downlink data rates of one device in an LTE network. It can also identify connection problems and device performance issues on the network.

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