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Introduction to LTE Advanced Pro

LTE Advanced Pro is a high-performance LTE network that offers the latest in mobile technology and faster data speeds so you can stay connected wherever your life takes you. LTE Advanced Pro is the next generation of 4G LTE mobile network technology. With its improved throughput, better performance, and higher capacity in comparison to previous versions, LTE Advanced Pro is well-suited for bandwidth-intensive video streaming applications. It also reduces latency for VR gaming and HD videoconferencing sessions. LTE Advanced Pro is the world’s first portable cellular solution capable of reaching gigabit speeds with a single antenna. The LTE Advanced Pro 4x4 MIMO embedded base station (eNodeB) lowers latency and increases the capacity per cell by up to three times. It supports all major radio access technologies for use in dense urban environments, such as 2G/3G/4G/5G macro and small cells, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks. While originally designed as a carrier-class base station, LTE Advanced Pro also provides a low-cost upgrade path for any existing 2G, 3G, or 4G macro eNodeBs to take advantage of its patented tech. 

LTE Advanced Pro offers more efficient use of spectrum, higher throughput, and enhanced backhaul capabilities, plus advanced RAN/core architecture and security. LTE Advanced Pro is designed to support real-world mobile use cases, including massive machine type communications (MTC), internet of things (IoT), multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), and ultra-high definition 4K video. LTE Advanced Pro is a next-generation standard for smartphones and other mobile devices. It maintains the same LTE architecture as previous LTE standards, but it provides improvements in both speed and capacity over the current LTE network. LTE Advanced Pro enables download speeds of up to 2 Gbps and uploads speeds up to 1 Gbps. LTE Advanced Pro is a network technology for wireless communications. It provides faster data rates, reduced latency, and better network efficiency, especially in highly congested mobile networks. 

LTE Advanced Pro description 

LTE Advanced Pro includes 3GPP Release 13 and 14 (Release14 is an enhanced version of Release 13 which inherits support for all features in Release 13). LTE Advanced Pro is the latest evolution of LTE that provides an enhanced user experience and higher data speeds, with lower latency and better network capacity. LTE Advanced Pro will continue to enable cloud connectivity, IoT, and real-time communications through a diverse set of technologies, including 4x4 MIMO, 256 QAM, CA and higher order modulation formats. LTE Advanced Pro is a new technology that provides superior mobile broadband connectivity by delivering significantly higher capacity and faster speeds, and lower latencies than LTE Advanced. It is designed to evolve into 5G technologies and provide customers with an improved user experience. 

LTE Advanced Pro is the next evolution in LTE. It features all six new features of LTE Advanced, plus it introduces support for Carrier aggregation (CA) and Higher Order MIMO (8CC) that enable speeds up to 2 Gbps and improves spectrum efficiency by 1.5 times or more. LTE Advanced Pro (previously known as 4.5G) is the next evolution of LTE that enables increased user data rates and reduced latency. The technology will help drive the momentum of 5G by introducing features such as enhanced TDD and carrier aggregation with higher order MIMO (1024 antennas), which provide much faster speeds, improved responsiveness, and reliability in high activity scenarios such as live video streaming – an important component for Ultra HD quality video. LTE Advanced Pro is a high-speed mobile broadband standard that provides peak data rates of up to 5 gigabits per second (5Gbps), allowing faster download and upload speeds for data-intensive applications. 

LTE Advanced Pro is a high-speed mobile data service that combines three key features in a single package - peak download speed of 3.9 Gbps (53 Mbps for end users), peak upload speed of 1.4 Gbps, and enhanced CA technologies like higher order MIMO configurations on both the downlink and uplink. LTE Advanced Pro is defined by the 3GPP as LTE release 14, the next step in LTE technology. The main goal of LTE Advanced Pro is to improve Quality of Service (QoS) and network capacity by introducing evolved 4G technologies including Carrier Aggregation and Relay Nodes, MIMO and multi-user support, and Higher Order Modulation, Link Adaptation, and New DCI formats. LTE Advanced Pro is an enhancement of the LTE Advanced standard that focuses on increasing the network capacity by taking advantage of carrier aggregation, 4x4 MIMO, higher order waveforms, and 256QAM. 

TELCOMA Global LTE Advanced Pro Certification

LTE Advanced pro training and certification by TELCOMA Global provides a comprehensive understanding of LTE Technology and standards. This course would help you in exploring carrier and equipment related issues, which give great insight into LTE technologies.

TELCOMA is pleased to offer the latest LTE Advanced pro training and certification for Network Architects, Network Engineers, Network Operations, and Consultants who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the LTE Advanced technology and accompanying deployment scenarios. If you are responsible for deploying voice and/or data networks in an enterprise or service provider environment this course is designed to help you understand LTE concepts, basic architecture and evolution, network deployment options as well as spectrum characteristics.

The LTE Advanced Pro training and certification course is aimed at engineers, who can use this course to develop their skills. With the increasing demand for data usage, it's important to learn all you can about LTE Advanced Pro. This course is designed to teach you everything there is to know about LTE Advanced Pro and its advantages over previous wireless technologies.

LTE Advanced Pro is one of the most recognized wireless network technologies, delivering outstanding user experience and stellar performance. This course will be an invaluable resource for achieving your LTE Advanced Pro certification.

The LTE Advanced training course is aimed at experienced network engineers, who have already achieved the following certifications: LTE/LTE-Advanced installation and maintenance, LTE/LTE-Advanced evolution and provisioning. The course includes lectures on the further evolution of LTE, including features such as carrier aggregation, enhanced interworking and boosted throughput. In addition to these informative module hours, and theoretical training hours there will also be hands-on lab sessions designed to give you practical experience of the different technologies involved in LTE Advanced. You will be able to practice and develop these skills with a simulated test network environment or real network infrastructure if available.

LTE Advanced pro training and certification by TELCOMA Global provides advanced skills for LTE-Advanced systems to formulate a professional carrier’s customer service with LTE-Advanced networks. The course consists of a theoretical training and a practical training, where the student gain the fundamental knowledge of LTE standards and certification procedures. This course is recommended for operators, vendors and all those who are interested in learning the most advanced technology of their time: LTE-A

With TELCOMA Global training, you'll learn the key strategies and technologies that have enabled LTE Advanced networks to deliver business value. This comprehensive training includes a series of courses on topics such as LTE, Core Network Architecture and Signaling, RAN Architecture, LTE Planning & Optimization, Carrier Aggregation and more

LTE Advanced pro training and certification represents an opportunity to gain expertise as an LTE Advanced network engineer. It is essential for any telecommunications professional who is interested in learning about LTE-A networks, including components, technologies and architectures. The course covers the architecture for 4G/LTE Fast Carrier Aggregation based on 3GPP standards

LTE Advanced pro training and certification including the 3GPP Release 14 standard, is an essential requirement for LTE Advanced network engineers. This course is highly relevant to mobile operators and system architects working on the LTE, Evolved Packet Core (EPC), Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and Home Location Register/Visitor Location Register (HLR/VLR) aspects of an LTE network. The content is also aimed at professionals who develop or maintain management systems related to LTE Advanced functionality, especially those working on planning, deployment and maintenance of software components in wireless networks.

LTE Advanced Pro certification is an important milestone in your career, equipping you with the right knowledge and skills required to deliver world-class LTE Advanced Pro services.

LTE Advanced (LTE-A) pro is the next step in mobile broadband technology for those who want to learn more about LTE, and how LTE-A is being deployed. In this course, you will learn about LTE and the enhancements of LTE-Advanced, including carrier aggregation and massive MIMO.

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