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Introduction to 3G UMTS (Universal Mobile Terrestrial Service) 

 3G Fundamentals teaches students the basic wireless network architecture principles and specifications behind the 3rd Generation (3G) mobile networks. Students will learn the rationale for 3G and its evolution from 2G technologies, as well as understand what has changed and why it matters to design decisions. The course covers both circuit-switched and packet-switched domain networks including topics such as high-speed data transmission, voice over IP, multimedia services, bidirectional video streaming without delay or freezing, high bit rate applications on multiple devices at the same time, 3GV evolution, WiMAX evolution and evolution of LTE HSPA+ network standards. 3G Fundamentals is a self-paced, interactive course on the fundamentals of 3G with hands-on activities. The course covers topics like frequency spectrum and cell structure, mobile internet technology, multimedia communications, universal mobile tele-communication system, GSM & UMTS.

 3G Fundamentals will cover the essential core concepts and technologies of 3rd Generation cellular networks. This course focuses on the features that make 3G systems different from CDMA and 1xRTT. We will dig deep into the theory needed for a firm understanding of this technology, but in a way that is easily understood by any engineer looking to get into wireless engineering. This course is designed to provide an overview of 3G technology, from its inception to the current state of the industry. We will spend time exploring what constitutes a mobile data network, how it functions and how your mobile phone interacts with it. The 3G Fundamentals course provides an introduction to the technologies and standards that enable mobile users to access a variety of new services and applications at faster speeds. The course also details how 3G networks operate and provide voice, data, and video services over wireless connections. 3G Fundamentals is a workshop-style introduction to the essential components of third-generation wireless communication systems (3G). The course covers the basic fundamentals of 3G, including GSM and WCDMA, as well as the LTE standard.

3G Fundamentals Course

 This course is designed to provide you with the necessary background knowledge in 3G (third-generation) cellular system technology and key features that are essential for successful deployment. You will become familiar with the basics of 3G technologies, such as GSM, UMTS and LTE, as well as their application in wireless networks. This course provides an introduction to the principles of wireless communication and the basic features of the 3G wireless networks. It provides a detailed look at 3G services, standards and technologies. Students will learn about the differences between 2G and 3G cellular systems, examine principles of cellular radio transmission, explore next-generation mobile communications technologies including Long Term Evolution and High Performance Mobile Communications, and discuss how these technologies are poised to transform society by improving productivity and increasing accessibility. This course provides an introduction to the key concepts, technologies and applications of 3G networks. It includes an overview of the principles behind the GSM, UMTS and LTE standards in relation to both their radio interfaces and core network architecture. A detailed coverage of PDCP, RLC and MAC protocols is presented, along with an outline of some data compression techniques used by these layers. The course will also demonstrate how these protocols interact with higher layers such as IP-based services.

3G Fundamentals training and certification

This 3G Fundamentals certification training course will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot a basic 3G network. This course covers all topics from the first class to an advanced level. Trainees must take and pass both portions of the exam to earn their 3G Fundamentals certification. This training and certification is the first step for anyone with an interest in mobile technology. You will learn about mobile network architecture and performance, 3G technologies, UMTS and WCDMA, GSM, CDMA2000, and LTE from the perspective of a standards engineer.

This course provides the foundation to understanding mobile networks, and how 3G technology is used. You will learn key concepts of 3G, including the relationship between UMTS, its protocols and functions. This course will also help you understand how to design a UMTS network. This course is a comprehensive introduction to 3G cellular networking, concentrating on the technical basics of UMTS and HSPA. By the end of this class, you will be able to understand the concepts that make 3G networks work and be familiar with some of the key issues facing providers. This 3G Fundamentals course is for IT professionals who want to learn about how to manage and maintain a 3G cellular network. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required for setting up and maintaining a VoIP celluar network, including specific topics such as: ATM, AMR, HFR, MSC RAI, HLR, SMSC CM2410 & CM2420.

TELCOMA Global 3G Training and Certification

TELCOMAGlobal 3G Training and Certification is the one-stop training destination for individuals, who want to become a 3g professional. This course covers both theoretical and practical modules to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of 3G technology allied with service providers requirements.

TELCOMAGlobal 3G Certification is a training and certification program for individuals that help you to develop your skills in the field of 3G. The course is designed to ensure candidates have the knowledge required to meet industry standards for understanding and implementing 3G networks, including an introduction to 3G services and applications.

TELCOMAGlobal has recognized that there is a need for current and future 3G wireless network professionals to understand the complexities of 3G networking. To respond to this need, TELCOMAGlobal has developed an effective new training and certification program for potential 3G network operators

Telcomaglobal 3G Training and Certification Program is an online/offline prerequisite program with instructor-led training, and includes an exam at the end. It is designed for candidates to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies required to become a well-rounded professional in 3G Network Infrastructure. The Program specifically focuses on Solution Architecture, Solution Design, Implementation/Installation of Products/Applications

Telcoma Global is one of the top leading training and certification organization providing service in Mobile services, Networking, Telecom and Customer experience. Telcoma Global 3G Training & Certification is a highly reputed company operating globally for more than 13+ years. The course curriculum is designed to provide you with all what a learner needs to be able to progress from a beginner level of understanding to an expert level of implementation.

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