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Introduction to RAN Engineer Certification 

RAN Engineer Certification is an advanced-level certification and validates your expertise in managing and optimizing networks for enterprise and carrier environments on a wide range of wireless and mobile technologies. This certification assesses everything from your knowledge of radio technology, to configuration and global operations management. TELCOMA RAN Engineer Certification is the first, largest, and most trusted mobile telecommunications certification program in the world, covering core LTE topics such as RAN architecture, system, and network introduction and implementation. The RAN Engineer Certification includes all areas of expertise: planning, optimization and control, and security. The RAN Engineer certification is designed to prepare you for the day-to-day job duties of a Radio Network Engineer. This includes understanding and implementing network operator requirements, configuring network components, troubleshooting and resolving problems, deploying the right configuration on an ongoing basis to ensure optimal performance, planning and analyzing changes related to your networks, and collaborating with other engineers when necessary. 


RAN Engineer Certification is designed to help students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to join the cellular industry. The program is designed for students who are eager to enter the field of radio access networks, as well as experienced engineers who want to expand their knowledge. Students will work towards earning one of six credentials, each of which focuses on a specific area of expertise such as VoLTE Networks, RAN Architecture and Design, and LTE Performance Optimization. The RAN Engineer exam is designed to test the skills and knowledge of experienced network engineers. In the RAN Engineer certification program, candidates are expected to have already been working in their field for at least two years. This means that it could be beneficial for you to study your course material so you can demonstrate your current skills and knowledge when it comes time for the exam.

RAN Engineer Certification Exam 

 The RAN Engineer Certification exam measures the knowledge and skills of engineers who are experienced in developing and supporting the operations of Radio Access Network (RAN) elements. This certification verifies that an engineer is capable of configuring various types of RAN elements, including base stations and other network elements. RAN Engineer Certification is a certification program that aims to create a more professional and skilled workforce of analysts, planners, and engineers in the areas of RAN Operations. The aim of this course is to prepare students for the practical use of GPRS, EDGE, 3G and 4G technologies. The RAN Engineer Certification is a professional certification that is aimed at testing the knowledge and skills of RAN engineers. The RAN Engineer certification is more focused on the practical skills and knowledge of the engineer rather than theoretical, which makes it an ideal qualification to take for any individual looking for extra job security or promotion opportunities.

The RAN Engineer Certification is designed to define the skills, knowledge, and abilities of service providers’ staff who are involved in the design and implementation of wireless network architectures. RAN Engineer Certification is a program that provides the foundation for carrier-grade 3GPP RAN systems and operations. In this program, you will get an overview of the 20Gbps LTE Release 13 and its features such as Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO), CoMP and small cells. It includes a certification test at the end. RAN Engineer Certification is the first of a new breed of professional certifications. The certification qualifies the individual to enter a career as a focused technical support engineer for the RAN, or Radio Access Network, in the telecommunications and mobile communications industry. The RAN Engineer Certification is a vendor-neutral certification covering the administration, operations, and troubleshooting of mobile networks.

The three exams included in this certification assess your knowledge of 3GPP radio access technologies, including GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA+, LTE and 5G. The RAN Engineer Certification is a professional certification offered by ETS. This certification provides a foundation of knowledge that addresses the delivery of RANs and management platforms. RAN Engineer Certification is a global standard that proves hands-on familiarity with the design and management processes of RAN (roaming, aggregation, and networking) systems. The RAN Engineer Certification program is designed to provide a comprehensive certification for engineers involved in the planning and design of radio access networks. This course covers the basics of radio access technologies, radio network concepts, and RAN architectures. Learning objectives include understanding synchronization architectures and protocols; frequency division multiple access (FDMA), time division multiple access (TDMA), and CDMA technologies; central office switching; wireless LANs; wireless evolution strategies; performance metrics for wireless positioning systems; network interoperability, security, Quality of Service (QoS) and Wireless Vertical Application Support System

Telcomaglobal RAN Training and Certification

Telcomaglobal RAN Training and Certification delivers immersive, hands-on training in Remote Access Network Solutions. Choose from a variety of courses to gain foundational knowledge of 5g RAN.

Telcomaglobal Inc. offers a comprehensive range of RAN Training and Certification. Our training materials are designed to provide the level of depth needed to understand and implement the latest standards-based technologies, devices, and systems. Our instructors have extensive experience in all areas of wireless communications systems and have a high level of hands-on experience in the implementation of these technologies, devices and systems.

Telcomaglobal offers the most comprehensive range of carrier RAN training courses, lab and certification programs. Our approach includes a hands-on curriculum based on real-time network operation, live simulators and an extensive suite of tools supporting both novice and experienced professionals. Telcomaglobal has trained many thousands of students globally since its founding in 2009, with over 14 years experience delivering advanced telecom training courses. It offers training for all levels of expertise as well as for system integrators, network operators and equipment manufacturers.

Telcomaglobal offers a comprehensive range of RAN Training and Certification courses to enable you to broaden your skills, enhance your knowledge and help your professional development. Telcomaglobal courses are offered every part of the world.

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