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4G LTE Drive Test is an application for Windows that enables a mobile device to be used by a client computer so that the mobile device can be used as a modem. The client computer and the mobile device, via the USB cable connected between them, can access the Internet or another similar network using 4G LTE technology. A physical connection between your device and the test system (car) must be established in order to run 4G LTE Drive Tests.

The Drive Test Parameters are designed to help you understand how your wireless network performs in a real-world situation. The parameters are separated into 5 categories: download speed, upload speed, latency, packet loss and jitter.

Drive Test Parameters define the Testing device, network, and test parameters.

The Drive Test is a cellular diagnostic tool for telecommunications carriers, Internet Service Providers, and corporate IT departments performing field-based LTE testing.

The 4G LTE Drive Test Parameters define the drive test used in the TEMS Performance Center, and are used to create drive test scripts.

4G LTE Drive is a test that measures the cellular performance of your device by simulating a drive in the car. The test tracks the speed and latency of your connection as you travel along a pre-determined route, so we can accurately assess both how fast your device works, and how it performs under load (in other words, when you are surrounded by lots of other devices).

This drive test shows the 4G LTE signal strength in dBm. dBm is a unit of measurement used to describe the power ratio of two equivalent voltages and currents, no matter what the impedance values are. A higher number means a better connection to the network.

Various drive test parameters are

1. RSRP : Reference Signal Received Power.
2. RSRQ : Reference Signal Received Quality.
3. RSSI : Received Signal Strength Indicator.
4. SINR : Signal to Interference Noise Ratio.
5. CQI : Channel Quality Index.
6. PCI : Physical Cell Identity.
7. BLER: Block Error Ratio.
8. DL Throughput : Down Link Throughput.
9. UL Throughput : Up Link Throughput

TEMS Investigation

TEMS Investigation drive test for 4G LTE, a powerful tool for your business. It is the best companion to help you investigate issues related to the network performance and quickly find their root cause.

TEMS Investigation drive test for 4G LTE is a comprehensive set of tests designed to verify and optimize the performance of a LTE network. During this drive test, an investigator drives around the area with his or her smartphone enabled with TEMS Investigation app. The app collects valuable data about the LTE device and network connection, which are then analysed by TEMS Investigation software to provide detailed insights on each step involved in the connection process

TEMS Investigation are leading the way to drive testing and analysis of 4G LTE and 5G infrastructure. From test design, to measurement tools, our expertise and capabilities ensure a successful project outcome.

Drive testing conducted using a TEMS Remote Test System to generate drive test probes.

After the drive test completes, you will arrive at a final report that includes a report summary and an exportable list of all drive test results. You can also export video clips from the test to any location desired.

This test is designed to simulate real-world usage of 4G LTE networks. It will determine a maximum speed, latency and quality of service (QoS) that you might expect within the boundaries of your network.

TEMS Investigation drive test for 4G LTE network provides valuable insights into the performance, traffic handling characteristics and capacity of the 4G LTE network.

Mobile network testing has evolved to include drive tests for 4G LTE networks. TEMS Investigation's Drive Test for 4G LTE (LTE) allows you to conduct drive-testing over the same infrastructure used by all cell phone operators in your area. This ensures that you get representative results whether you're driving on a rural road, city street or highway.

TEMS Investigation 4G LTE drive test is used to evaluate the network quality of 4G LTE mobile device users.

TEMS investigation drive test solution

The real-world performance of 4G LTE networks can be challenging to validate. Our field-proven TEMS investigation drive test solution is designed with two critical objectives: providing you with the ability to measure and audit the actual user experience of your end users, whilst simultaneously enabling you to better understand how various aspects within an entire network (e.g. handovers between eNodeBs) affect overall performance.

The drive test simulates a user in a vehicle (car, automotive and motorbike) at highway speeds to determine data throughput. TEMS Investigation provides 4G LTE coverage information, RF path loss and SNR estimation.

Drive Test Training by TELCOMA Global

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