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Introduction to Satellite Communication

Satellite communication is a method of communication at a distance, either by microwave radio or optical signal. Instead of carrying the signal over the terrestrial channel, it is transmitted by means of an artificial satellite, or through an earth station. Satellites are used for mobile communications like telephone and television broadcasting, business and scientific applications as well as recreational uses such as satellite TV, Satellite radio, Satellite Internet access, etc.

Satellite communication, or Satcom, is a radio-based method of communicating with remote systems. Satcom refers to the transmission and reception of voice, textual, or video communications via satellites that orbit Earth. Satellite communication is a general term that encompasses all forms of communication satellites, including broadcast and telecommunication services such as television transmission, telephone, and radio communications.

A satellite orbiting in space is positioned above the earth’s atmosphere and can therefore transmit information to other satellites or networks located on the ground. Most mobile phones use satellite communications to connect with their network towers. Satellite communication systems are typically classified according to the band they use, which can vary among different types of transmissions. Satellites communicate through many different methods, including broadcasting directly through their own antennas or receiving signals from earthbound antennas and then retransmitting them to other antennas or broadcast stations. Satellites also have directional antennas known as dishes that allow antenna users to communicate with other users on their satellite. 

Satellite Communication Certification

A Satellite Communication certification is a satellite communications curriculum that includes both broad and focused components. Skills required include satellite radio frequency systems, signal acquisition, navigation systems, and pointing devices. The Satellite Communication certification is an intermediate-level, standalone technical certification that demonstrates the ability to solve complex, real-world problems in a global telecommunications environment. The qualification addresses the four primary areas of satellite communications technology: satellite operations, satellite equipment, satellite applications, and ground segment design.

The Satellite Communication certification provides a core understanding of the satellite communication industry, including satellite types and applications. This foundation of knowledge will enable you to discuss the proper installation, operations, and maintenance techniques necessary to ensure successful deployments of this critical technology. The Satellite Communication certification provides a detailed understanding of the principles and applications of communication via the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). You will develop skills to maintain satellite navigation receivers, deploy and operate global communications systems, design and build a satellite communication data system, and install and maintain ground stations for satellite communications.

Certification Benefits

 A certification in satellite communication is ideal for individuals who want to improve their skill set, while also being able to work in a variety of industries. This course covers the fundamentals of satellite communication and teaches you how to build and test your own satellite transmitters. You will learn about essential components of a satellite system such as transponders and multiplexers, and how they function within the larger communications infrastructure. Satellite Communication is an IARU band certification scheme that aims to encourage the development of amateur radio satellite contacts. The scheme provides a competitive and educational environment for satellites of all types from small rubber ducks to large geostationary spacecraft.

Satellite communication is unlike any other form of radio communications in that it combines coding, modulation technologies, and direct or via earth station-to-satellite links. Satellite Communication certification is designed for specialists who develop satellite communication equipment or contribute to its operation. The accredited certificate program develops specific skills in Satellite communication, which include mastering the knowledge of all processes from designing satellites and their components to their development in space (satellite commanding, inter-satellite communications), security issues connected with the use of satellite communication (the fight against false messages), and obtaining information about activities on Earth via geostationary orbits.

Satellite communication is the most reliable form of wireless communication and is used for voice and data transmission around the world. Satellite communication is necessary for mobile phones and many radio stations to work. Satellite Communication Certification is a global provider of industry-leading satellite communication education. We provide industry-relevant, leading-edge training programs that cover the essential elements and technical details of satellite communication as well as current business trends, management practices, and competitive challenges facing the satellite communications industry. A Satellite Communication certification is a diplomatically accredited communication & cabling specification that defines the framework, functions, and requirements for communicating via satellites. For example: sending information from one or two systems through satellite transmission.

TELCOMA Global Satellite Training & Certification

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