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Introduction to NR ARFCN (New Radio Absolute Frequency Channel Number)

New-radio Absolute Frequency Channel number, NR-ARFCN is a new revolutionary concept to report the location of UMTS and LTE devices. It is defined for 5G as with the below details: In UTRAN and EPS, the new radio absolute frequency channel number (nr-ARFCN) value shall be calculated by subtracting 1 from the value of modulo (eq.1) where modulo means that it takes all possible values between 0 and 16383. New Radio Absolute Frequency Channel Number (NR ARFCN) is a selective value that specifies the frequency channel of an LTE radio access bearer and the cell identity. The NR Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (NR ARFCN), or NR Channel Number, is the planned future 13th field in the US TETRA Digital Mobile Radio system and other digital public safety radio systems. NR ARFCN is the new radio frequency channel number in the NR system, which replaces the existing Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (ARFCN). NR ARFCN provides an independent method for identifying a cell. NR Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (NR ARFCN) is a unique identification number used to identify a cell or a base station in the wireless network. NR ARFCN is used with the frequency-hopping spread spectrum algorithm to allow wireless devices to automatically switch frequencies between active calls. 

ARFCN Identifier

A Radio Absolute Frequency Channel Number (ARFCN) uniquely identifies a frequency channel within an E-UTRA cell. The ARFCN is an integer value in the range 32-4096. Not all values in this range can be used for RACH transmissions. NR ARFCN is the New absolute Radio frequency channel number in short NR ARFCN is a unique number that identifies each frequency at a particular location in the world. NR ARFCN helps you find out which frequencies a particular wireless device uses and how it could be used so that you can modify your wireless device appropriately to ensure that your wireless connection is strong enough. NR Absolute radio frequency channel number (NRS-ACF) is a physical channel identifier. The NR absolute frequency channel number consists of two or three octets, and each octet represents a channel number. The channel number makes up part of the identification code used by all radio equipment over a given spectrum band. NR ARFCN is the new reference point for Radio Frequency Channel Numbers. 

The NR ARFCN has been developed to provide an easy-to-remember, intuitive way of referring to or referencing any radio channel. The NR ARFCN has a binary numbering system where each number represents a combination of 2-bits representing Power and Frequency. The New Radio Absolute Frequency Channel number (NR ARFCN) is a parameter used to identify a cell within the 3GPP network, defined by its Physical Cell Identity (PCI) and Frequency. The PCI consists of two parts: one bit indicates whether the cell belongs to a frequency re-use pattern or not and one bit indicates whether the cell belongs to a hexagon or not. New Radio Absolute Frequency Channel Number (NR ACFN) is a system for defining the absolute frequency of NR micro-cells and for radio resource management. Each NR cell can have various frequencies at different times; a set of frequencies defines a single NR cell. An NR cell can work in all three spectrum bands – a spectrum from 1.4GHz to 2.6GHz, 800MHz to 960MHz, and 470MHz to 746MHz. Each radio network covers several adjacent cells, each with different absolute frequency channel number identifications. 

The NR Absolute Frequency Channel Number (ACN) is a new 5-bit value that describes an absolute frequency (in MHz) of a specific carrier in NR. The ACN references the absolute DCI format and carrier frequency as specified in rf-configuration. By referencing such a channel number, operators can precisely identify the channel they are configured on. NR ARFCN Description of New Radio Absolute Frequency Channel number The absolute frequency channel number for the NR system, as measured relative to 1900 MHz. Frequency-space coordinates are written from in units of GTES-1 (Global Telecommunications System - 1) time. NR Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (NR ARFCN) is a new concept introduced by 3GPP to provide inter-frequency mobility in GERAN. With NR, multiple Radio Access Technologies (RAT) can be deployed within the same frequency band without interfering with each other, so that a UE can move from E-UTRAN to UTRAN and vice versa without having to change RAT.

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