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Beyond Mobile for 6G

Beyond Mobile is a concept for 6G communication that envisions a network that goes beyond the traditional mobile network paradigm. The idea behind Beyond Mobile is to provide seamless and flexible communication that integrates multiple communication technologies and services to meet the ever-growing demands for data and communication services.

Satellite communication

One of the key components of Beyond Mobile is satellite communication. Satellite communication provides global coverage and high data rates, making it ideal for areas where terrestrial wireless communication is not possible, such as remote and rural areas, or during disaster scenarios.

Edge computing

Another important component of Beyond Mobile is edge computing, which enables the processing and storage of data closer to the end-user. This reduces latency and jitter, and enables new applications that require low-latency communication, such as autonomous vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, and industrial automation.

Use of multiple frequency bands

Beyond Mobile also envisions the use of multiple frequency bands, including the THz band, to provide high data rates and low latency. Advanced antenna and signal processing technologies will also be used to improve the performance and reliability of the connection.


In conclusion, Beyond Mobile is a concept for 6G communication that aims to provide seamless and flexible communication that integrates satellite communication, terrestrial wireless communication, and edge computing. By combining these technologies and services, Beyond Mobile has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about and use communication networks in the future. The concept is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to shape the future of communication and data services.