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What is ​Open Flow

Open Flow It is an open interface for remotely controlling the forwarding tables in network switches , routers and access points. It is the communication protocol in SDN environments that enables the SDN controller to directly interact with the forwarding plane of network devices such as...


​What is Mininet

Mininet Mininet is a network emulator which creates a network of virtual hosts, switches, controllers, and links. Mininet hosts run standard Linux network software, and its switches support OpenFlow for highly flexible custom routing and Software-Defined Networking. It is an approach of using...


​Fundamental characteristics of SDN

Characteristics of SDN Plane separation A simplified device Centralized control Network automation and virtualization openness Plane separation Separation of the forwarding and control planes. Characteristics such as MAC address, IP address and VLAN ID reside in the forwarding plane....


​Principles and Architectural components of SDN

Principles of SDN Decoupling of controller and data planes Logically centralized control Exposure of abstract network resources and state to external applications Decoupling of controller & data plans This principle calls for separable controllers and data planes. It is understood that...


Understanding SDN (Software Defined Networks)

SDN Introduction It is a new approach to making, building and managing networks. SDN permits network administrators to quickly and simply direct network services from a centralized location without having to manually configure each individual network element (switch/router). The basic concept of...