5G Network Access Control

The user uses the network access to get connected to the CN of 5G. The following functionalities are comprised in the network access control:

  • Network selection: It is performed by a UE in order to determine the PLMN to which registration should take place. Two main parts are comprised in the network selection procedure, i.e. PLMN selection and access network selection.
  • Identification and authentication: The UE has been authenticated by the network during any procedure of establishment of a NAS signalling connection with the UE.
  • Authorisation: Once the identification and authentication of the user is performed, there is evaluation of authorisation for connectivity to the 5GC and for services. There is execution of this authorisation during UE Registration procedure.
  • Access control and barring: First of all, a request for establishment of an RRC Connection shall be made by UE and the RRC establishment has been provided by the NAS related information to the lower layer when there is a need for transmission of an initial NAS message by UE. The RRC Connection with priority has been handled by the RAN during and after RRC Connection Establishment procedure when priority is indicated by UE in Establishment related information.
  • Policy control: It influences the network access control including service authorization.
  • Lawful Interception