5G Services - General network procedures

These procedures include the following :

  • Registration management
  • Service request
  • UE configuration update
  • Access network (AN) release
  • N2
  • Attribute specific UE and RAN information & compatibility

5G states

The 3GPP defines the signalling flows for the 5G connections , comprises initial attachment to the network referred to as registration , call initialization, mobility management procedures in idle and connected modes, PDU session establishment , termination of the sessions and deregistering from the network .

Registration & mobility management

Registration procedure :

The registration & deregistration procedures provide the functionality to register or deregister a UE with the 5G system , together with additional functionality to also assist registration management for non-3GPP access.

De-registration procedure : It is designed for UE to inform the network to stop accessing the 5G core and the 5G core to inform the UE about the released access.

Connection establishment : session mgt

For V-SMF and H-SMF , there is indication of NAS SM signalling for PDU session establishment , PDU type etc. H-SMF provides the V-SMF with the IPV6 prefix for the respective PDU session for facilitating data storage in visited country.

PDU session establishment

  • PDU session establishment procedure
  • PDU session handover procedure between 3GPP and non 3GPP
  • PDU session handover from EPS to 5GS