QoS parameters for 5G


Access node specific variables that manage QoS forwarding treatment for the QoS flow.

Scheduling weights, queue management thresholds, link layer protocol configuration etc.


The QoS parameter ARP holds information about the precedence level.

The precedence level defines the relative importance of a resource request.

The range of ARP precedence level is 1 to 15 with 1 is the highest level of precedence.


It is an optional parameter which specifies that certain traffic carried on this QoS flow is subject to QoS.

The RQA may be signalled to NG-RAN via N2 reference point at UE context establishment in NG-RAN and at QoS flow modification.

5G QoS characteristics

  • Precedence Level.
  • Packet Delay Budget.
  • Packet Error Rate
  • Maximum Data Burst Volume